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Please, before apllying, check that you meet a minimum of requirements (you can see the requirements below this post)
Once you send your application, it will be resolved with the voting by the members, the voting may take days.
If you want to join |EsP|, copy the following form, open a new post in "Apply", pasta it, fill it out and send it

Copy and paste

  • Nick:
  • Auth:
  • Country:
  • Why do you want to join |EsP|?:
  • On whitch of our servers do you usually play?:


Minimun requirements to join |EsP|:

You have to have at least 50 connections on our servers, (you can see the number of connections whe you enter the server.
You have to have auth, if you don't have auth, here you can see how to create it click HERE
You cannot have been banned on our server for more than 24 hours.